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Publication Information:
Published: 2005
Publisher: Time Warner


‘A Belfast innocent abroad, Maggie Lennon dives into life, lust and ‘ludes with a delicious fervour.’ Stella Duffy

‘Evocative. Moving. Hilarious. A rollercoaster of a read.’¬†Patricia Scanlan

‘As evervescent as the best champagne, with intriguingly complex aftertastes.’ Nuala O Faolain

‘Wildly funny.’ Annie Nightingale, BBC Radio 1

‘Annie McCartney knows the most important thing for a novelist, how to hook the reader and reel him in.’ Glenn Patterson

In her hilarious second novel, Annie brings to life the characters, colour and sounds of a 1970s hicksville radio station, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Naive 21-year-old Maggie Lennon leaves Northern Ireland to look for summer work in America. Here she meets Sharla, who has a languid southern drawl, a dazzling smile and a waterbed that is unable to withstand her enthusiastic sessions with boyfriend, Buddy.

Her apartment is flooded, so Maggie moves in with Sharla and her life rapidly changes. She secures herself a job as an all-night DJ for Radio WA1A (having convinced her boss she is John Lennon’s cousin) and is soon immersed in a world of rock’n’roll.

When the radio station relocates to Tennessee, Maggie meets two men: Nate, the handsome son of a rich Southern family; and Burford, a country and western rock star. But as Maggie’s professional life takes off and she becomes a player in the music business, so her love life crash lands…