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Publication Information:
Published: 2007
Publisher: The Little Brown Book Group


The residents of the Victorian terrace houses on Marlborough Road in Belfast are all very different.

Class-conscious Edith Black at Number 29, with her endless streams of artistic lodgers, including the handsome classically trained actor Fintan Fanning, lives two doors down from highly-strung Clare McDonald at Number 25.

With her huge chaotic house, nerve-calming camomile tea and free-range children, Clare also lives two doors down from eco-friendly Saffron McNamara at Number 21, who concocts bubbling pots of vegetarian food and makes home-made candles in the kitchen with Iggy the Iguana.

Sally O’Neill, a housekeeper for all three, is their confidante; she knows their homes and families, their hopes and dreams and their deepest secrets.

For years the relentless domestic dramas of Marlborough Road have provided distraction from her own life, but soon the past catches up with her and she is forced to think of herself for once.

With her third novel, Annie flexes her comic muscles, dissecting the lives of several women as they navigate their paths through domestic life.